Thursday, December 6, 2007

When it rains it pours!!

Well, some might say I'm not living right; other's might say this is a test from God. I don't know what to say... honestly, after Tuesday, I'm almost at a loss for words completely. Without going into great detail, here's the skinny:

I tried going to school, I overslept and felt really nauseous!! I was already late, and I've got to go in and talk to the registrar's at school about my missing so many days since I've been really sick. So, I thought maybe I could go and meet a friend for lunch since I needed to eat something (this whole hypoglycemia, diabetes thing is killing me!!); well, heck, on the way to lunch, I'm cruising along, and what happens? I have a BLOW OUT!! Yes, a blow out... but, the little bit of military in me or the grace of God, has me extremely calm! I'd never had a blow out before, and actually I found a little humor in it because it felt funny. I remained in total control of my Jeep, and slowly pulled to the side... OMG, my cell phone is dead!! LOL, right? You can see where this calamity of events is going huh? So, thank goodness for weight loss and for daily walks with the pups... I started to try and change my tire, but I didn't think I could since it's an SUV. I grab my purse and begin to run to the nearest store; which is a Best Buy about a mile back down the road!! I'm running, and I'm running!! Want to hear something really strange? I had changed my clothes and shoes before I left the house, otherwise, I would have been in a really dressy outfit with Crocs on... ever tried running in Crocs? It doesn't work!! But back to the story; I get there, they actually let me use their phone!! Even the manager asked me if everything was okay and offered me a place to sit and wait while I waited for AAA to come and fix my flat or tow me!! I told her that was okay, I was going to wait with my vehicle. (oh yeah, and I told her thank you so much for letting me use the phone free of charge, I'd remember and make sure I continue to shop at that location!!) A cop saw me running back, and kept driving... well, then they pulled ahead and parked on the feeder (yes, in Houston, we call them "feeders"; I think everyone else calls them "access roads" or what ever that runs along side the freeway).

So I had no time to watch this cop sit there to pull over cars and look at me run. Got back to my Jeep, and was going to wait for the wrecker that Triple-A (AAA) had called; supposedly a 45 min wait. Then, the cop disappeared. Yes, I felt like I was going to puke up a lung after that 2 mile run! But I'm in control. Next thing I know, there's a cop pulling up behind my vehicle about 10 min later, and I jump out and run to the cop car, asking her if she was there to give me a ticket!! (Hey, things couldn't have gotten any worse at this point, right? Blow out, no cell phone, 2 mile sprint/jog, 45 min. wait...) She tells me, "uh, is there a reason I should give you a ticket?" I told her no, it's just that I didn't know if it was okay to have my car there on the side of the road--she looks at me and says "You don't have much of a choice now do you!??" LOL... uh, yeah...

So, long story getting shorter, we go through this huge fiasco of trying to release the tire from underneath the Jeep, and THEN the wrecker showed up!! (Yeah, after she and I had done the hard work--although I won't say that I had told her that she probably couldn't change my flat after she had offered; so you know what kind of look she gave me to that comment!)

So, the guy gets the tire changed, she follows me out to let me pull out, and I'm on my way!!! I went directly to the tire store; BUT... on the way there, I'm shaking because I'm starving!! So, I go in, and figure I can get something to eat while they change my tire. All of a sudden, I'm not thinking clearly, can't remember my phone number, can't remember my maiden name since that's what was in the system (mind you, I've only been married 2 years; so that shouldn't have been a problem), and I'm shaking uncontrollably, and hoping the guy doesn't notice. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight... So, anyways, he offers me some water, asks me if I'm diabetic; I tell him I don't know... buys me a coke, hoping that would help... And he is even nice enough to open the Splenda tablets I'd bought so I could get some kind of sugar in my system... Mind you, I'm staying calm!!

Here are the photos the cop helped me take. And everyone said that League City cops were horrible... not in my book!!

So, that guy let's me call Pablo, and I finally get ahold of him (Couldn't when I had called him from Best Buy) So anyways, I tell him I needed him there because I had just had a blow out, and I was starting to feel lousy... with the shaking and everything... So, that guy gets me all squared away, and tells me I could go to Popeye's to grab a bite while I wait, so I can start feeling better; what do I tell him? Oh thank you, but I don't eat poultry... I'm going to Sam's or walk home and get something. As I started to walk out of their parking lot, I got hungrier and worse!! So, home [and I had thought about going into Hobby Lobby to waste some time] was not an option! So, I go into Sam's Club to order a slice of pizza, and the dang old grump box of an old lady tells me to wait for the other worker to come back. (Mind you, I'm standing there shaking and it is quite evident!!) So, I wait, but then I start feeling like I'm going to throw up or pass out onto the floor! Aha!! Sam's gives out free samples!! So, I start walking to see what's going on; got me a piece of shrimp, some juice blend, and I was waiting on the lady with the sweets, but felt like I couldn't wait, so I bought a thing of brownie bites and some 100 calorie pack Nabisco Cookies!! Mind you, everything in Sam's is sold in bulk!! LOL... so I am now at the point where I can't even see or walk straight; I go to stand in line, and I'm "fading", so I run to the jewelry counter and I'm checking out there. Geeze, I must have looked pretty bad or been shaking pretty bad, because those two ladies were ready to help me (they STOPPED doing what they were doing) and they even opened up the brownies for me and offered to walk them over to the table area for me. I had this!! If any of you know me, I don't like to cause or draw attention to myself, and I never ask for help. I'm always the one to help others...

Well, here's the good part, right?? I'm thinking this sugar is going to kick in any minute now and I'll be well enough to walk home and lay down (Home was only about 1.5 miles away, the subdivision is really close to the Sam's), I'm sitting there, and shaking, and my vision is going wacko, and I start to feel like I'm slowing down and slinking onto the floor! At this point, all I remember now, is that there was a lady that came up to me and asked if I needed a basket (one of those little wheelchair cart thingies), and I told her yes, then no, then I couldn't get the words to come out of my mouth, and I don't know what happened to her, I told her I'd be fine. I'm stuffing my face with the brownie bites [LOL... at this point, I either look like a crack head or a bulimic!!] So, the next thing I remember, there's a man standing in front of me with a slice of pizza with a badge on, and I'm telling him "thank you, thank you, I have money!!" Then I start explaining to him about the grump butts that were working over there at the food thing, and how they saw I was shaking, but told me to wait... I'm eating the pizza now like there's no tomorrow, and then another lady comes by and asks if I'm diabetic. Nothing worth any sense is coming out of my mouth!! I almost thought maybe I was having a stroke or something... then another pregnant lady comes up beside her and asks if I've got any glucose tablets in my purse... I'm like "what is that?? I've got money, I can buy some if I need it!!" Now, thinking back could you imagine if someone wanted to rob me??? They knew I had money!! LOL... So, the pregnant one tells the other lady I need some orange juice. I don't remember her leaving or coming back, but I'm sitting by myself again, and the tall lady shows back up with a gallon of OJ... I tell her, "uh, I don't like orange juice, but thank you anyways!!" So then the other lady shows back up (mind you, my vision is crazy, and I people are disappearing and reappearing basically out of nowhere...). She tells me the Pharmacist said the OJ would help me feel better pretty fast. Okay, so I drink it, almost gagging on it... Uh, not feeling better... she sits down with me, the guy with the pizza sits down with me, and they said they see me in there all the time (Embarrassment point #1). So, if I go back in there, they'd recognize me (Embarrassment point #2). Then I start to pass out.... the guy grabs me and I'm okay... drink more OJ they tell me... (Embarrassment point #3... and I'm stuttering like a babbling idiot!!). Long story coming to a close, it seemed like it took Pablo an eternity to come and get me!! They were originally going to take me home, but the guy said if there was no one at home, then if I passed out, anything could have happened. So I was being held there hostage--because I told them I didn't need an ambulance! (that would have been Embarrassing point #4; of which I was trying to avoid!!) I kept telling them I was fine, and I didn't want to get them in trouble for sitting there with me for fricken 45 min plus, and they were like "that's okay, we needed a break"... Who was I sitting there with you ask? The store manager and the assistant manager!! Boy, when I found out, I apologized to them for the comments I had made about the ladies at the food area, and they said that was okay, it was good to know, and they were glad they were able to help me out and that I told them before I went home and got on the internet to corporate about how they've got people working there that aren't customer friendly in a time of a crisis!!

My knight in shining armor showed up, thanked everyone for helping me (mind you, the Asst Mgr had called him like 3 or 4 times while he was on his way, basically to find out if he knew I was there, then to say they were going to keep me there and not take me home, then to let Pablo know I was starting to feel better!) Wow... I told you, a calamity of events...

A day of confusion, $1000 later, and now I look back and think of all the angels God placed right there in front of me, so I didn't end up in a coma or the ER. I had already been thankful that the car tire didn't blow so horribly that pieces would fly, and also that no one had hit me or that the Jeep hadn't swerved or something... So, how many angels would you say helped me out?? Once I was at home all safe and sound, I had to relax... so, what's my motto? "I scrap to relax!!" So I'll be putting up a few new LOs and even a QP freebie that I designed to go with the "Tomorrow" kit by Kimberly Stewart at 3Scrapateers!! And it looks like all of her items are still on SALE!!

Here's the "Tomorrow" kit and Alphas... scoop them up so you'll be ready for my FREE Quick page.

Lots of love, please keep me in your prayers... I have a doc appointment each day next week!


Steph.Gibson said...

What a day. Glad god was waking out for you. Good luck with your challenge. I will try to do it if I have time.

Scraps of Candy said...

OMG! And I thought my recent vacation was horrible. At least my bad luck was spread out over a week, your seems to have happened all in one day. Hope your appointments go well. BTW - For the fastest results, mix sugar in with the orange juice. That is what they used to do for my Grandma when she was in the hospital. Blessings.

Tabatha said...

Have they found out if you have diabetes yet? That sounds like the way I so when my sugar is too o high ot too low either one. I did that once because of it being too high because of some meds they had me on. I ended up in the ER that night cause dh got home.

I hope they get it figured out soon.

Take care and remember to eat little meals throughout the day. Oh I'm diabetic by the way. I chat with you at Keli's chat at 3S