Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost AWOL!!

So, I almost went AWOL (that's Absent With Out Leave) last night! If you know me, you know I'm a really picky eater. For some reason, they have me on a "fat control" diet and I really haven't had a decent meal unless Pablo has brought me something... so last night, I lost it! Long story short, I ripped off the telemetry machine they had hooked up to me, was about to rip off the heplock and had on my jeans and shirt and was packing up my magazines and blanket when the doctor came in and asked me where was I going. I told him I was tired of not being able to eat; I was lactose intolerant and they kept giving me milk, and that I was not a bread eater, but I had resorted to eating rolls; I was not a poultry eater, and if I was on a fat control diet, why did they insist on dousing the plate with gravies!!?!?! I don't eat gravy!! He told me not to eat what I didn't like, and I told him that's what I had been doing, and that's what left me eating the rolls and the iced tea and salad, but after 7 meals of barely eating anything, I had had enough!

Anyways, I really appreciate hearing from you Marie and Em and Anna Maria! I really can't wait to see everyone next year! :) Well, I've been taking pictures of all the differently decorated Christmas trees around the hospital, and so far, I think I like the one on my floor the best. I wish I had a way to send it so I could post it here!

They told me I could go home this morning, but there are no orders in the computer and they really don't think I'm going home since I had another migraine last night and ended up with a really bad dizzy spell. So far I have no more tests that need to be run. They don't know that my car is in the parking lot and I will leave! LOL...

And Marie, I highly doubt it has been 3 weeks! :) Remember I talked to you when I was going to my mom's that day and you said it was a work day for you, and then that same weekend I talked to you to tell you about the shopping and a scrapbook class I took! LOL! It just seems that long! BTW, how was Ulared?


Steph.Gibson said...

I am saying my prayers for you. I really hope that it turns out to be something easily fixed or manageable. I am sorry that the food is so bad. any hospital stay gets old fast - I know with the brith of my two kids I was happy to go home when they finally let me. Will be checking in periodcially. good to know you are still fiesty!

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear twin siss!! No. The last time we spoke really quick was your unlucky day:-( I called you and woke you up and you where asking about the time.. You where really late for school and had to take of really quick!! It ended up with flat tire and everything else.. I shouldn´t have called you that day:-( I´m so sorry... this sosawife email can you go in there and read? Maybe I´ll send email to that mailbox... Something is on it´s way over to Texas:-) You have to be home soon so you can look in your mailbox.. Now i´m going away to the store and send something else to you:-) Hugs and kisses and hope Pablo didn´t forget to give you the hug and kiss on the forehead:-)Love and recovery blessings from sweden..

Anonymous said...

Hey. I'm starting to wonder if I'm having the same issues. I still get bad migraines and have started having dizzy spells too lately, on top of all my ankle, knee, hip and back pain. I get to go to the dr tomorrow (fri - 21 Dec) finally. I feel sick all the time. I'm so tired of being in so much pain. Write me and let me know what's going on with you and what the drs say!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear twin siss and best friend!! Are you going to be home this weekend? I want to call you and wish you God Jul:-) Please if you want to you can give me a call anytime this weekend don´t bother about the time I can go back to sleep just want to talk to you!I can call you back so I will be paying the phone call. Just call me I miss you and your laughs and your confused look when I do my plain translations *LOL* *happy dance* I hope you have the answers soon whats wrong with you and they can give you something.. I don´t want you to be sick or to much sleepy when I come and visit..You can start count from the 21 st of dec and 7-10 working days then you going to recieve something in the mailbox:-) take care hope you call me soon hugs and kisses from little sweden