Sunday, November 4, 2007

Prayers Requested and an ACOT CT Designer Layout!

First things first, I need all of you that read my blog to please join me in keeping my Swedish Friend, Marie, in your prayers!! I last spoke with her probably on Wednesday (and that was quite brief) and she told me she was in pain and on her way to the ER. Well, it turns out her Appendix burst, and she had to actually have surgery yesterday. I was given the number by her husband and her friend to give her a call at the hospital, but I can't get through, it's always busy!! So, of course, I'm on pins and needles wanting to know how her recovery is coming along and wanting to hear her voice and her laughter. We are so close, we always finish each other's sentences, and she makes me laugh all the time! I know the power of prayer is strong, and I just want a fast recovery for her so she can go back to her home with her family and chatting with me via the webcam! Thank you all for doing me such a huge favor!

Now, I've got to tell you, even though I've been so worried about her, I had to do something to keep my mind preoccupied so I wouldn't be calling and bothering her husband at all hours of the day and night, so I partied at the ACOT (A Cherry On Top) National Digital Scrapbook Day!! Wow, did I have a blast! I didn't get to win the GRANDE prize, but the lady that did, really did deserve it, so it was just like I won!! But I got to know a lot of cool ladies on there that I didn't know that well before, we joked and we joked and we joked!! But here's the best part!!! Can you hold your breath? BTW, they had me waiting for a whole week with this one, but here goes the story... lately I've been pretty emotional; not sure why, but I stayed up til the midnight posting to see if my photos were selected for the "Win A Designer Layout Contest" and when I went to the gallery, I didn't see my photos anywhere, I started to cry, but I was on the phone with another ACOT girlie at the time, so I was trying to hold back the disappointment (although I didn't do so well, she heard it in my voice), and then I looked a little closer, and this is what I saw!!!


This is "Our Love" by CamsMomma on ACOT

She used the new ACOT Collaboration kit "Transitions"

This was about the neatest thing anyone could have done for me with those photos!! Those tears of disappointment quickly became tears of JOY!! I was amazed!! Every chance I get I just want to look at it, because I'm so used to scrapping my own photos, to see it from someone else's perspective, it was simply outstanding!! She used colors I wouldn't have thought to use with those photos, but I love the look!! Well, I'm off to finish some more layouts!!


Anonymous said...

Hey - that layout is great! She did a really nice job on it. I'd like to get into this since almost all of my photos are all on computer, but can't just yet. One of these days I want to do a book for each of the kids. :) Take care.

Miss you


Steph.Gibson said...

I love the layout she did for you. You and your hubbie are so cute. It was great to joke and chat with you on Friday. We are going to have to push to have the Friday night chat reinstated. That was too much fun!