Sunday, November 11, 2007

Card Contest and an Update

Wow, I for sure thought I would have had at least 2 entries from my blog readers and subscribers!! Guess I'll be keeping my $10 Gift Certificates to myself then!! I had 3 to give away!! Maybe next contest...

Well, this has been a really exciting week for me in more than one way! Oh yes, first an update on Marie, she is at home, healing, just a little pain (but not enough to have missed an all day crop yesterday at ScrappeGardens in the south of Sweden! You know how we are... near death, but still croppin'!!) I have made her a get well card, and will be sending it soon!

Now, there are two different pieces of great news, I can only reveal one right now until I get the go ahead for the other one!

I've been selected for my second CT!! Take a look at the official Announcement! I'll also be creating for FishinMom Designs!! She has a blog where she has been designing and loading lots and lots of FREEBIES!! So now she is selling specially designed kits that are sold exclusively at Digital Scrapbooking.Org (aka DSO)... And I was the FIRST one selected to be on her CT!! So I'm officially part of the 'fishpond' ; isn't that a cute play on words? It's all in her blog!! Sign up for her blog updates, she is still giving away freebies, and they come from the actual kits she's selling!! Catch the kits when she first puts them in the store and they're only $2!! Yes, you read correctly, that's 67% off the regular price!!

Here are is my first LO created using her "Hot to Trot" kit!!

"Hot to Trot" kit by FishinMom Designs
Chalk overlay designed by me
Professional photo taken at PetCo
Scraplift (Raylene @3S)

Fonts used (most availabe as free downloads at DaFont):
Zallman-Caps (90 and 72pts)
High Tower Text (48 pts)
Tahoma (26 pts)
Punch Label (36 pts)
Crayon (100 pts)
Gigi (48 pts)
“Hot to Trot” kit by FishinMom Designs now on SALE!! Only $2!! Get it now before it goes back to the regular price of $6!! This is practically a steal!! A great fun versatile kit! Don't forget to pick up the matching QP freebie at her blog! BTW, all of her downloads are password protected, but the passwords are listed right above or below the photo of what you're downloading!! Please leave her a huge "Thanks" if you pick up any freebies! She's like me... it makes her heart smile!!

I'll be posting a few more layouts today, I've been so busy creating and creating for both Lisa Majewski Designs and FishinMom Designs, now I just have to get them all uploaded!! Stop by and tell these wonderful ladies you found them through me, Elise, aka NikosMom when you sign up at any of the sites that they sale their designs on!


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the plug sweetie!! You RAWK!!

Steph.Gibson said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to do a card for your contest. I have just been swamped with work and my two CT gigs. Had to take a break from scrappin' and boards for a couple of days. Congrats on the new CT.