Monday, October 29, 2007


Oh my... we have not celebrated Halloween in YEARS!! It had gotten out of hand, and way too dangerous, so we had changed our way of doing things, and started a new tradition! We started celebrating my cousin's birthday by going out to dinner and going "Haunted House" hopping!! You know, like Pub hopping in the UK, but instead, we'd go from one Haunted House to the next!! His birthday is on the 28th of October, but we normally try to celebrate it the Saturday closest to Halloween.

We had a blast on Saturday night... we went to "Boo on the Boardwalk" at Kemah; the name of the Haunted house there was called the Dungeon--they made it from the parking garage!! Talk about wow! It was better than the ones we went to last year (which shocked us all) I'll have to upload some photos when I get them sorted... for now I've got a layout I created of my sister in her costume that she bought to go to a Halloween party! Of course she tried put it on at my house in hopes of an opportunity later, and there was a club that was having a costume contest, so afterwards, off she went! Looking like a sexy devil!! The actual name of the costume was "TinkerHel" (oops... not such a cute name, but it's a play on words...)

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Steph.Gibson said...

Dude, where you been? just stopped in for a visit and looking to see your Halloween craziness.