Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Digital Layouts!!

Well, I'm totally getting the hang of this... And I've pretty much owe it all to Egle Noel. As my first teacher and a wonderful friend, she has seen me progress quite quickly! From a "glowing" layout which I still laugh about, to what you see today. I wouldn't have been able to improve as much as I have without spending 108 minutes on the phone with her the other day! The ones below were for challenges or contests that I've entered, so please be sure and wish me luck!

Kits used on the "Road Trip" Page:
"Ocean Dreams" by DSSA Boutique (N. Whiteley)
"Pet Barcode" by DSSA Boutique
"Naturally Cozy" by Bella Gypsy
"Phalphas::Photo Alpha Templates" Designs by Anita Stergiou

Kits used on the "B is for Boyds" Page:
"Krafty Chic" by Anita Stergiou Designs
"Phalphas :: Photo Alpha Templates" Designs by Anita Stergiou

Now just one more to finish quickly before the weekend is over, and I've got a test to complete for an online class, and 2 homework assignments! :) I've got it all under control. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we took the puppies to have their pictures professionally done, and they turned out really nice! We'll get them in about 2-3 weeks, and Pablo and I were able to sit in on them also, so looks like we've got our Christmas card photos out of the way! And yes, I'm sending out Christmas cards this year, and everyone is getting their ornaments as normal!

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Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful job on these, but I love the Road Trip one :)