Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let's Decorate for Autumn!

For the holidays I'm always looking for something fun and creative to do.  I was on vacation in Houston and I saw this on the local news station.
Click on picture above for how-to video
So this is definitely something that I will be trying this week (or as soon as I can get my husband to go pumpkin shopping with me!)

I thought I'd also share another decorating tip for my clients that purchase Celebrating Home décor, candles and more from me: 

How cute is this?  So basically with a little ribbon, burlap ribbon, and the Bernard Hurricane, and the Scarecrow Lantern, you can have a cute tabletop decoration, centerpiece, or even something for your front porch down by your jack-o-lanterns or pumpkins!  Then check back in a few weeks and I'll show you how to use this same Bernard Hurricane for your Christmas décor, so it's very versatile and you'll get a LOT of functionality out of it, not just for candles any more! (Of which, all of my candles are now marked down by 33% off! Just in time for that snowy holiday season too--never know when you might lose electricity or have to have a last minute quick gift on hand for those unexpected parties or guests...)
Here's another use for the Bernard Hurricane as well!
(I'm a very thrifty and frugal shopper, so I always like to find different ways to use a single product!)  If you have an idea on how to use it outside of the usual, definitely take a photo and email it to me! (Who knows, you might then be a recipient of one of my RAK!!)
Well, that about kicks off my favorite time of year! The decorations, the Autumn baking, etc, just always puts a smile on my face! 
~Elise (aka Sosa's Wife)

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