Sunday, May 18, 2014

Accepted to be a Certified Copic Instructor!!

I am elated! Lots of new things happening this year after practically a whole year of being on a hiatus.  Originally due to my illnesses, I had to incorporate digi scrapbooking into my repertoire and then having your computer crash tends to make you look for other alternatives to your craft/hobby to keep yourself sane, so.... while visiting a friend of mine in Colorado for a Scrapbook Expo, I found a new love...
Wait for it...
Yes! COLORING WITH COPICS!  (Copic Sketch Markers that is...) So 2 years later, and after being approached by a local store owner to come in and teach classes from time to time and then every time I go into the local Michael's and have other coloring enthusiasts ask me what I've been working on and how they wish they knew how to use the markers, I decided why not? Yep, why not get certified.
I am so excited that I've been accepted into the program and I'm totally looking forward to attending the course! I will be posting samples soon! Or you can find me on Pinterest where I've already pinned a few projects.

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