Monday, February 4, 2008

I got a hold of a Sneak Peek!!

Can you say WOW!!?!?! Take a look at these yummy colors! Lisa Majewski has got a new kit that will debut this week in the stores, but I got my grubby little hands on this special peek for those that just can't help buying her latest kits! And how luscious or scrumptious does "Cherry Cheesecake" sound? Look at those burgundies, golds and chocolates! This kit looks perfect for Valentine's and Heritage, and even little girl or mom LOs... that's just what I in vision looking at this sneak peek. Don't forget there is normally a special price the first week in the stores, so definitely don't miss out on this one!

Well, sad to say, this is the first afternoon or day that I didn't create squat! I'm going to keep up with the LOAD challenge goal, and 3/29 Layouts isn't too bad considering today is only the 4th! LOL

More later!


Steph.Gibson said...

Do you ever update this things???lol I wanted to see you all getting crazy at the crop. Where are the picks?;)

Lisa said...

Where are you Elise??? Your friends are worried, please let someone know what's up with you!!